Who Is Horrid Henry? Have You Ever Watched This Series? {2022 Update}

In childhood, many children love to watch cartoons. Cartoons are actually made for entertainment and peace of mind. If the children sit in front of the TV, you can start watching any channel, but the children will not tolerate this situation. If a cartoon channel is put on, they stop crying. This is a very comforting situation for mothers who are fed up with their children’s teasing. She just turns on the TV and tunes to the cartoon channel. Children enjoy watching cartoons. There are many cartoon channels and these channels have produced different types of cartoons. If we talk about different cartoons then one cartoon name definitely comes in our mind and that is “Horrid Henry”. It was really fun and refreshing for kids even school students. While watching Horrid Henry cartoons, we become eager to know the complete biography of Horrid Henry. If you want to know about this cartoon, then stay with us.

Who Is Horrid Henry?

Horrid Henry is a naughty, rude and a non-sense boy. He was born in UK in the year of 1994. He is a 12 years old boy who does not pay attention to his studies even to a lesser extent. He likes to tease everyone even his parents. He always thinks about bad ideas and tries to apply it on his friends, siblings, parents and even his teachers. He has horrible and unimaginable ideas to do. He is not a good boy from any sense. He is not liked by everyone. As he teases everyone so everyone does not care for him and hates him. Even his parents sometimes are fed up with him and leave him on his condition. Due to his horrible ideas, he is called as Horrid Henry.

Who Is The Voice Over of Horrid Henry?

The voice of Horrid Henry was pronounced by “Lizzie Waterworth”, who was born in 1984 and is 38 years old. She has popularity by giving her voice to Horrid Henry in the series for the first time in 2006.

Disney channel published this series on October 31, 2006 for the first time.

Who Is Perfect Peter?

Horrid Henry has a brother who is quite different from his elder brother. The name of Henry’s brother is “Peter”. Peter is very polite and innocent boy and liked by everyone. He has good scores in studies and is encouraged by his teachers to achieve better future goals. When Henry makes a mischief, peter tries to make him understand but he does not. Rather, Henry fights him in return. Peter does numberless good deeds in order to make his parents feel proud. His parents where do not care for Henry, at the same time they show a huge love for peter. Peter helps his friends in every problem. Peter enjoys helping people out of their problems.. As peter is good for everyone, Henry calls him Perfect Peter in a joking way. But in reality he is really a perfect boy.

Parents of Henry

Horrid Henry has a mother and father. His mother name is Tamsin Heatley. Henry’s mother is a very polite and sweet lady. By profession she is a house-wife. The father’s name of Horrid Henry is Sick Samon. He is a rude, bitter and selfless man. By profession, he is a businessman.

Academic Life of Henry

The name of the school that Henry attends is “Ashton Primary School”. Henry reads in primary school in spite of the fact that he is 12 years old. The reason for this is that his first tooth has not broken yet.

The headmistress of Ashton Primary School is Miss Cynthia Oddbod. There are many teachers in Henry’s school but his class teacher’s name is Miss Battle-Axe, which does not like Henry because of his illiteracy and non-sense behaviors in the class. Henry goes to school without completing his home work even he remains unable to fulfill his school work. Some people think that Henry has educational disability due to which, he does not like to study.

Friends of Henry

There are many friends of Henry in the series the names of which are discussed below:

Gorgeous Gurinder                    Sour Susan

Weepy William                           Bossy Bill

Aerobic Al                                    Brainy Brian

Jolly Josh                                      Tidy Ted

 New Nick                                     Moody Margaret

But his best friend is Rude Ralph, which likes Henry and supports him in every matter of life. They live happy together. Ralph proves a good friend for Henry as his advices him to be right in evil situations. This is a separate thing that Henry does not pay attention on his advices.

Relatives of Henry

In the series, no much relatives of Horrid Henry are seen. Henry and Peter have an aunt (sister of his mother) the name of which is Aunt Ruby. As she belongs to a rich family so she is called as Rich Aunt Ruby. She has a son of name Stuck-Up Steve; he is an arrogant and rude boy and hates Henry.

There is an uncle (the younger brother of Henry’ father) of Henry he has name of Fussy Uncle Francis. He is not very ager but an adult man.

Whom Will Henry Marry?

Henry has a crush on dirty Nicola. Henry wants her to be his best friend he likes her but she doesn’t care about Henry and hates him. But on the other hand, Moody Margaret loves Henry. She is his neighbor and also his biggest enemy. But with time she fell in love with him. In the last series, Henry and Margaret were engaged. It is hoped that the two will get married in the near future.

What Disease Was Henry Facing?

Some people believe that Henry has a disease called ADHD. In this disease, the patient is unable to control his anger and to cope with the evil situations. It is an undiagnosed mental health disorder. It is due to careless of mother during pregnancy. In which a child gains an injury on the brain and remains different from other people.

When And Why Horrid Henry Was Stop To Upload?

The last date of Horrid Henry’s series was May 21, 2019. At this date, the last episode of the series was shown. The reason of their stopping very soon is really a reasonable. Horrid Henry is not a good boy in the view of school life and individual life. He has not even a single quality in himself. He is hated by everyone. His teasing way to any one and paying no attention on studies was playing a bad effect on the new generation. That’s why Horrid Henry’s series had to stop for its evilness.


The reviews about Horrid Henry are mixing. In the starting of series, people like to watch this series due to the activeness of Henry and of his mind sharpness. People considered this suitable for their children as they thought that children should be clever in order to cope with any situation. But with the passage of time, People had to watch that Henry not only clever but a rude, illiterate and insolent boy. He does not pay attention to his studies. So, people thought that this is not a suitable situation for their children. This series has negative ratings more than positive. Due to this reason, this series did not last long.

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