Vivaspa Percussion Massager Reviews: Is It a Legit Device?

In daily life, our body’s energy is used to carry out all activities for the whole day. This energy comes from ATP which is stored in muscles of the body. Sometimes, when we work a great amount we feel tired. It is due to this reason that we use the body energy largely. In this condition there is not much energy remaining in the muscles to carry out the activities in full enthusiasm. Human body is like a machine of which working depends upon the rest. Taking rest is the main activity to do any other activity. Continuous work makes a man physically and mentally tired. Doing similar work for the whole day or even for the whole week or month makes a worker lazy and inactive.

In order to give the work in large amounts, a man should exclude proper time to take rest. Body muscles can heal only with any warm product. Medicines, syrups and tablets can heal the immature muscles but to a lesser extent. People undergo costly operations, take heavy medicines to get rid of the muscles pain and body pain but do not succeed. It is due to the lack of intelligence in people. Society is progressing by technology these days. The cure of any disease is not difficult nowadays due to advancement of technology.

So, in order to get rid of body pains there is a device which proves very helpful and effective in healing the body, the name of which is “vivaspa percussion massager”.If people are worried about their body pains then they should use this device. Hopefully, they will not be upset after using it; rather they will find a good response. To know its working, constructions, features, pros, cons and reviews, just stay tuned with us.

What Is Vivaspa Percussion Massager?

It is a massager which helps to heal the paining muscles with its great power. It is a handheld, rechargeable and cordless device which proves effective in getting rid of all types of body pains. It is really a good massager having different heads and speed modes. Its shape is more like a gun so it is also known as a massage gun. It is the best device for players or for old agers. By the way, this is available for all ages but in terms of players or old agers it is very helpful and most effective. Because there is a chance for muscle problems for players during playing and the bones start to weaken and muscles fragile at the old age.

Why Do We Use Vivaspa Percussion Massager?

Vivaspa percussion massager is used to heal the injured muscles (The muscles which become ugly and workless after the heavy work done). It is used to get relief from the pain. It also helps in increasing blood flow by removing the clot (The mass of useless cells that is formed in arteries or ventricles and offer resistance to the flow of blood). It helps in blood flow by making the blood thin so that it can flow easily.

 It can be used after heavy work is done, during carrying out any activity and for getting relaxation. It is used to accelerate the process of fats-breakdown, which means that it helps to reduce the body weight and avoid being overweight. It helps to make the body comfortable. Its main purpose is to accurate all the body functions by maintaining its balance. It has popularity by turning the injurious body muscles into mature muscles and to regulate the normal functions of the body. It can be used 2 or 3 times per day.

How Vivaspa Percussion Massager Works?

There is not much complexity faced for its use but some important precautions must be understood. It is not as easy to use as it is seen. It has a proper space at its upper end for adjusting the head. The function of every head is different. Vivaspa percussion massager has an ON/OFF button to start up. In order to take work from it first it has to charge. Then adjust its intensity level by pressing the + or – buttons. Massager will not show working if it is placed at the angle of 90 degree on the injured area. Rather, it should be placed crooked on the body area to be massaged in well manners. Then start to move the massager on the injured or paining area gently. As this massager moves on the paining area, it heals the body cells which are present on that area by massaging them. In this way, injured cells heal and in return, body muscles activate again. But here, the point of protection is that we cannot use every head in every area of the body. Each heads its own unique function and is used for dissimilar parts of the body. It should be used on a paining area maximum for 2 minutes. In this short time, you will get relief soon.

Heads Of Vivaspa Percussion Massager

The names of heads of massager and their functions are discussed below:

Bullet tip

It is used to trigger those body cells which are present on big muscles in order to activate them.

Fork head

It can be used on the posterior tibial nerve and sural nerve but avoided to be used in between the places of these nerves.

Flat head

It is mostly used for the thigh bone which is the largest bone of the body.

Arc head

It is used for legs and arms due to its large surface area.

Air cushioned head

It can be used for massaging under the feet.

Foam bill head

It is the most important head than all others due to its great working. It is used for massaging the shoulders, mid back and low back pains, glutes and thigh.


> It is available only in black color.

> Its brand name is Vivitar.

> It has good ratings on social media.

> It is not very expensive.


The cost of vivaspa percussion massager is about $49.99 at the time of review. It is not a costly device. Rather, it is available at an affordable price.


The pros of massager are following:

  • It helps to get relief from body pains.
  • It has an affordable price.
  • It can be used easily.
  • It regulates the blood flow thus maintains the body’s activities.
  • It triggers the injured cells to work.
  • It relaxes the body muscles.
  • It corrects the muscles activities.
  • It is a rechargeable and cordless device.
  • It is a handheld product.


The cons of massager are following:

  • Sometimes, its use can injure the user.
  • It is not a portable device.
  • It cannot be applied on rashes, injury, inflammation and redness otherwise; it can be a severe condition.
  • It cannot be used too much, because it tightens the muscles to a great extent and the body may become stiff and the user may become a victim of “rigor mortis”.
  • It is avoided to be used on the spinal cord.
  • It is avoided to be used on broken bones.

Is It Legit or a Scam?

People are really benefited by this massager. It can be bought easily by the people due to its affordable price. It helps to trigger the motionless cells of the body. It has 4 or 4.5 stars rating out of 5 stars. Due to its good working, it is used by doctors or surgeons. It is a clinically approved device. It is not a scam; rather it really helps the people to get relief from pains. It is a legit product and should be used for maintenance of the body.

Closing Decision

I would like to close this topic by advising the people to buy vivaspa percussion massager to make your body comfortable. Those people, who are disturbed from their body pains, should buy and use this massager to get relief from all types of pains. It also helps to improve the movement of body cells. Briefly speaking, people must buy this massager, hoping that they will get a good and an effective response.

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