Tips for Working Full Time and Going to School

In our country there are many students who face difficulties studying. They have to work to fulfill their school expenses. The situation of such students is really merciful. Sometimes students find it difficult to carry out both school work and part time jobs. Their hard work at their jobs affects both their studies and health. So, they get broken health. That’s why balance is the most important factor to maintain educational and personal life. For such a student, I give quick tips for working full time and going to school.

1- Make A Time Table

To do any activity either school work or a job, time table is the utmost necessity to maintain the balance in life. Making a timetable makes you regular in your daily life. For a student who has to work full time and goes to school early and wants to show his excellent performance in both, first he has to make a time table. In the time table you should make proper timings for work done and going to school with appropriate differences of time. If you make a time table then it will be very helpful to you to be efficient.

2- Time Management

Time tables cannot help you to a large extent if you are unable to manage your time. Learn to manage your time. First, make a timing schedule for your school work and perform your academic activities according to the timing schedule. Second, make a suitable timing plan for a part time job and show your performance according to your time. In this way you will be able to manage your time and can be successful.

3- How Can We Pay Full Attention In Study?

It is not an easy way to work. Instead of this you are a student. Over-thinking and hard work make a student inefficient in study and he is unable to show his native abilities. For a student, it is better that he relaxes himself. Relaxation is the most important factor for mental health. When he sits down to study then he should think that he is only a student and he has to do only his school work. He should never consider himself a worker. This sensation will help him to pay full attention in study.

4- How Can We Work Full Time?

Sometimes, some boys are unable to do full time work because they are worried about their lessons, school work and home work, tests and exams. Briefly speaking they are in tension about their studies. If there is no mood for them to do work they should think that if they do not work then how will they be able to fulfill their school expenses. In this way they will no longer stay in school and they would be certificated. If they want to study then they will absolutely do their work full time.

5- Time For Rest

Where there is hard work there should be rest. Refreshment makes a person mentally and physically active hence he is able to do every work energetically and in well-mannered ways. The question of health is very important to be discussed for such a student who has to work and to study. His hard work in studies and job affects his health and in this way he can neither work nor study. That’s why while making a timetable a student must exclude some time for rest and recreation. Rest is most important to maintain health which leads to a successful life.

6- Balance

Taking rest does not mean not working at all or to a lesser extent. Rather there should be a balance between work and rest. Having balance in life means having a key to success to go through the difficulties of life. Because controversies are born when we lose balance. To lead a triumphant life, be balanced in your matters.

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