Steven Gerrard: Age, Family and Net Worth 2022 (Known His Role in Football)

There are many sports and games playing around us. Sports and games are necessary both for mental and physical health. Playing any game or sport makes the body fit and active. When a man fed up from the continuous working, he should play in order to make himself ready again for work by activating the body through playing games. If we see the list of ports and games then we shall come o know that there are numberless games to be played. In the list of games and sports the word “Football” has a great fame.

Many people enjoy playing football. The game of football has been around for centuries and continues to be one of the most popular sports in the world. Though the game has changed over time, the basics remain the same: two teams compete against each other by trying to score goals.

Footballers are some of the most popular athletes in the world. Millions of people follow football and many of them have their favorite players. But who is the most popular footballer? That is a difficult question to answer. While discussing the most famous football players, we cannot forget the name “Steven Gerrard”.

Who Is Steven Gerrard?

He’s a well-decorated player, a fan favorite, and always gives 100%. Steven Gerrard is one of the most popular footballers of our generation. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at his career, his accomplishments, and what makes him so popular with fans.


Steven Gerrard was born on May 30, 1980. He was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Now, he is about 42 years old.


Steven Gerrard was married to Alex Curran on June 16, 2007 at the Cliveden House luxury hotel in Buckinghamshire. Alex Curran is an English model and fashion columnist. This couple has four children out of them three are daughters and one is son. The daughters of Steven Gerrard have the names of Lilly-Ella Gerrard, Lexie Gerrard and Lourdes Gerrard while his son’s name is Lio Gerrard.

Playing Life of Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard made his debut for Liverpool in 1998 and went on to play 710 games for the club. He is the only player to score in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup, and League Cup finals. He is also Liverpool’s all-time leading goalscorer in European competition with 36 goals. Gerrard led Liverpool to victory in the 2005 Champions League final, scoring a last-minute equalizer and then converting the winning penalty in a shootout. He was named Man of the Match for his performance in that game.

Why Is Steven Gerrard so Popular?

One reason may be because he is considered to be a “one-club man”. He could have moved to another club for more money or more trophies but he chose to stay at Liverpool because he loved the club and its supporters. He is also seen as a very humble person who is down-to-earth despite his success. Gerrard has always been supportive of young players coming up through the ranks and he takes time to sign autographs and talk to fans whenever he can. These are just some of the reasons why Steven Gerrard is one of the most popular footballers of our generation.


Gerrard has also enjoyed a successful career with the England national team. He made his debut in 2000 and went on to earn 114 caps. He captained England at the 2006 World Cup and played a key role in their campaign at Euro 2012.


Gerrard announced his retirement from international football in 2014. Then, he began his carrier with Premiership club Rangers in 2018. And in 2021, he was appointed Manager of Aston Villa.

Net Worth

According to estimation, the annual salary of Steven Gerrard is $13 million. He also earns $4 million per year from contributions with companies like Mars, Adidas and Lucozade etc. Totally, his net worth is about $90 million. He has not to face any expenses difficulties. He lives a luxury life.

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