Ivory Oral Reviews: Is It Legit or a Scam?[2022 Update]

In daily life, we meet with different people. For life transactions, we have to talk or gossip with many people. When we talk with any other person, we see his way of speaking. So, while watching him talking we see his teeth. Speaking affects someone’s personality. If a man has ugly and untidy teeth, we do not dare to look at him or even listen to him.

The foul smell comes out his mouth and makes us unconscious to leave him without listening to him completely. Sometimes, the same situation happens with us and we don’t care. But this is very bad to a large extent and affects our personality badly. So, to be a well-mannered, good and healthy citizen everyone should keep his teeth clean. And this step will prove helpful to make someone worthy enough to be heard.

By the way, if someone does not brush his teeth or clean them, bacteria or germs attack on teeth and become the cause of their destruction. Or, if food is chewed by such ugly teeth, the food also becomes Sterilized and then this food causes different kinds of diseases in the human body. Sometimes, when teeth are not cleaned for a long time the teeth become too messy and are unable to be cleaned.

If a person fails to cure such teeth then they won’t be worried. Today, I will tell you about an amazing product which will prove helpful in this regard. So, stay tuned.

 What Is Ivory Oral?

Ivory oral is an ultrasonic tooth cleaner which has vibrating cutting edges to clean the teeth and for the purpose of removing calculus and tartar (a hard calcified deposits that form and coat the teeth and gums).

Why Do We Use Ivory Oral?

Ivory oral is such an electronic device that is used to kill germs and bacteria which are formed on teeth and play an effective role to deteriorate them. It is used to clean teeth. It turns the foul smell of your mouth into a fine smell. It is especially used by those people who are victims of tooth decay.

Parts of Ivory Oral

Ivory oral consists of following parts:

Cleaning head                                    

Anti-slip strip

On/off button

Charging indicator

Charging port

Gear up/Gear down

How Ivory Oral Works?

Ivory oral is not very easy to use. The first step is to insert one end of the wire into the charging port to charge it and at the other end there is a switch which is inserted into the socket. Then, close it to the teeth surface and support the teeth with fourth-finger and middle-finger. Then, massage the tooth surface gently and its vibrations help to remove dental calculus, hard plaque, tartar and dirt from the tooth. Similarly, massage or clean the tooth roots with the cleaning head of ivory oral and at last clean the space between two tooth.


Ivory oral has the cost of $49.99, which is neither too expensive nor cheap. It has a moderate price to be bought.


  • Its product type is “tooth cleaner”.
  • It is an accurate device.
  • It is available in two colors, one is green and the other is pink.
  • The domain name for this product is Ivorysmilez.com.
  • It has a 5 star rating.
  • It was revealed on September 9, 2020 for the first time.

Benefits of Ivory Oral

The benefits of ivory oral are discussed below:

1- It helps to clean teeth.

2- It removes dirt from the teeth and gives them a shine.

3- It makes a person pass grin confidently.

4- It is not an injurious device.

5- It glorifies someone’s personality by making his grin beautiful.

Drawbacks of Ivory Oral

The cons of ivory oral are discussed below:

1- It is worth buying.

2- The vibrations which come out of the ivory oral prove dangerous if they are used for a longer time.

3- Cleaning the tooth with this ultrasonic cleaner makes them fragile and weak.

4- It is harmful to use at home.


This is usable but for a limit. Many people benefited from this ultrasonic tooth cleaner. If we use it for once time and then we shall pay attention to clean teeth regularly. It is considered normal. But if we use it as a routine then the dangerous vibrations will harm the tooth. But it is not a scam rather a real product. It really proves beneficial to human beings. Many good feedbacks are given by the users of ivory oral.

Final Verdict

Those people who are worried about their tooth problems, they should use ivory oral for their tooth to shine. After using this, they will find a good result. But they should use it to a limited extent, not as a routine.

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