Hempvana Rocket Reviews: How It Works? And In-Depth Review 2022

While doing work sometimes, we become exhausted and we feel pain in the whole body. If we don’t find an appropriate solution to cope with this pain then it will acquire the chronic form. The continuing pain will destroy the paining area of the body. So, it is necessary to find the best solution for pain so that we do not have to face the critical situation. Sometimes, people ignore this pain by thinking that it will get relief by itself. This is no more than foolishness. If we tackle this situation early, then hope so we shall not experience any problem. Many people undergo very expensive operations to get relief from pain but cannot succeed. Pain can start anywhere, so there should be such a device which a man can hold to himself. Medicines, expensive operations and ointments can give relief from pain but only for a limited time. Today, I will tell you about an amazing product to those people who wants to control their pain which often arises in the back, arm, foot and knee. So, stay tuned.

What Is Hempvana Rocket?

Hempvana rocket is a handheld transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device. It is like a relief pen which acts as a massager to control pain. It is an accurate device to get relief from chronic pain instantly by the involvement of mild electric current. This device sends electric pulses through skin to activate the bodies own pain-relieving chemicals.

Why Do We Use Hempvana Rocket?

We use hempvana rocket to be relieved from severe pain. It is used by adults only. A man uses hempvana rocket when he does not has enough money to carry on expensive operations or to buy costly medicines, and then takes this to get relief from severe pain. Anyone can use this pain reliever to turn pain into relief. It can be used four times per day at the time of 30-60 minutes. Doctors have been using this technique to relieve pain for many years.

How Hempvana Rocket Works?

It is easy to use. There is a place in hempvana rocket where a cell is inserted to start this device. Then place it close to the affected area generously and massage into affected area until completely engrossed into skin. The electric impulses which come out of this rocket reduce pain signals that go to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), start to trigger the pain-relieving chemicals and then automatically muscles relax, pain removes and the man gets relief. This massager helps to relieve pain by boosting up endorphins. It can be used four times per day at the time of 30-60 minutes.

Composition of Hempvana Rocket

The hempvana rocket is made from following ingredients:

  • Water/aqua
  • Ethylhexyl Stearate
  • Glycerol Stearate
  • Stearic acid
  • Capric Triglyceride
  • Dimethicone
  • Hemp seed oil
  • PEG-100 Stearate
  • Butylene Glycol

Parts of Hempvana Rocket

Hempvana rocket has following parts:

Intensity level display

Green pulse indicator

Power button

More or less intense buttons

Ergonomic rocket design

3 unique heads (larger body head, single precision head, exclusive double sided head)

Pros of Hempvana Rocket

The benefits of hempvana rocket are discussed below:

1-It reduces pain by boosting up endorphins.

2-It is available at an affordable price.

3-It is easy to use.

4-It is an ultra-portable device and easy to carry.

5-It is completely wireless, so it can be taken anywhere without any complexity.

6-It is medically and clinically proven because doctors also have been using this.

7-It has 9 different massage levels for different pains.

8-It relieves pain in the back, shoulder, arm, knee and more…

9-It gives the greatest facility to its users.

10-It is an alcohol-free device.

11-It has the great ease of reading an LED screen.

Cons of Hempvana Rocket

Where there are pros of hempvana rocket at the same time, it has cons too which are following:

1-When this device places close to the affected area it kills the older and non-living cells but at same time it harms the living cells of the body. Then these harmful cells start to damage the other body cells by their movement through blood circulation. So, in this case this device kills both older and living cells of the body. Thus, it did more harm than benefit.

2- Its battery is not replaceable.

3-It may harm the user’s hand during its use.

4-It is not suitable for all ages.

5-In this device gel is not included.

6-It is unknown how long this device will last.

7-Sometimes, it causes redness, skin irritation and burning at the application site.


Hempvana rocket is not a costly product. It is available at an affordable price. Its cost is about on the review time is $19.99. Everyman can buy this easily.


We cannot say the hempvana rocket is a scam due to its unique qualities. Granted that there is not much information available about this device on the internet but even then it is a useful and beneficial product. Many people benefited from this device and give advice to other people. It is not a scam but a real or legit product.


Any person which wants to get rid of his body pains should use hempvana rocket for relaxation. Hope so it will leave a good effect on its users.

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