Essay Writing Reviews: Three Most Important Types of Essays [2022 Update]

Writing physically seems nothing but only time wasting but in reality there are many wonderful purposes of writing which are following:

Sometimes from the troubles of life and difficulties of the surrounding environment, we have to take some rest in order to relax the body and to refresh the mind. No doubt that Nature has placed within itself very beautiful and visible sights. The beauty of these sights attracts everyone’s attention towards itself. The natural scenes are so beautiful and charming that it is not enough to store them in minds but those scenes have to be written in remarkable words with a long lasting memory. It means writing is a source to store memories.

While, sometimes in life we meet with different kinds of people of dissimilar behaviors. Meeting with them leaves us either a good effect or a bad effect. So, writing about such people should be done so that whenever we open the writing book, read them and then there is a chance that we will go in that same time when we meet them.

 There are so many purposes of writing. Briefly speaking, every man must write something because writing makes a man active physically and mentally. But when a person starts to write, it becomes a complete description and seems like an essay. So, for writing first we have to improve essay writing skills. Without essay writing skills, a person cannot be a good writer. So, today I will tell you about the three most common types of essays. If someone understands these types and their rules well, then there will be no problem for him to write. So, stay tuned.

What Is Essay Writing?

Essay writing is a skill to write something about someone in a complete description so that the reader can understand this completely. Writing an essay is actually an art to be a master in writing or to improve the writing. When a person starts to write an essay, he must have a solid topic in his mind about which he wants to write because a solid topic writes an essay good and gorgeously. Essay writing is neither very difficult nor very easy.

 Rather, it depends upon the writer’s mind and his skills about writing an essay. There are some basic rules to write an essay. For example, in essay writing there must be a special attention about its structure. First there must be a proper introduction with background, second paragraph should depend upon the complete description and third or last paragraph should depend upon the ending lines.

By following these rules, essay writing skills can be improved. To write an essay, there must be a basic focus, strong development and the most important is correctness. Spelling and grammar mistakes should be as few as possible. If seen, writing an essay is a good hobby too. Sometimes, when we feel upset we start writing because writing makes us mentally active.

Types of Essay

There are many types of essay and all of them have their unique properties. But today, only three types of essays will be discussed which are very famous and important.

Personal Essays

Narrative Essays

Argumentative Essays

1- Personal Essays

“The essays, in which personal views of the writer are written about a certain topic, are called personal essays”. In such types of essays, the biographical history of the writer is described. The writer chooses a certain topic and starts giving his views about the topic and extends it to a complete description. The body structure of personal essays consists of three main parts like, introduction, the personal views of the writer and the conclusion.

As these essays include the personal views and feelings of the writer so the readers enjoy such essays. In this way, they have a chance to know about the writer’s personality. It is natural that humans are always conscious and ready to know something about someone. So, in this regard personal essays have great appeal to readers.

How Can You Start to Write a Personal Essay?

Sometimes, the writers find it difficult to write a personal essay as it is not easy to share private feelings in public and that too in this way it has a good effect on readers. Writers also become confused about how to start the sharing of personal views about a certain topic.

  • The first thing to write a personal essay is to select such a topic which has description only on the writer’s personal views or feelings.
  • The next step is starting to describe the importance of the selected topic in daily life and give its introduction. Tell the readers that how long this (selected topic) is important to achieve the best future goals.
  • The third step is starting to give personal views about the topic in the essay. For example, you have to say why did you choose this topic? And then start to write that Why do you like this? Why do you prefer this topic over all others? Tell readers that How your selected topic is beneficial to human beings and to society? And make almost 3 or 4 paragraphs on this.
  • The last step is to end the essay by advising the readers to write an essay. The conclusion of the whole essay must be strong and effective. Because if someone does not have enough time to read a complete essay, he will at least read the ending.

Examples of Personal Essays

The examples of personal essays are discussed below:

My aim in life

My hobby

My first or last at college

My favorite personality

2- Narrative Essays

“The essays which tell the whole story about a selected topic are called narrative essays”. In these essays, the personal feelings of the writer about a certain person, thing, place or an event are discussed. Narrative essays seem like a story and include many characters instead of only one writer. These are quite different from personal essays. Because in personal essays only the writer is included while in narrative essays many characters are included and they all have their dissimilar roles in the story-like essay. The body figure of these essays is the same as personal essays.

The first paragraph consists of the introduction of characters that are present in the essay, second paragraph consists of the roles of all characters by making a complete story and the last paragraph will consist of conclusion. Conclusion means that the result will come from the roles of characters. And what form will the essay take? As these essays are like stories, they have an interesting effect on the readers. If the writer is writing the role of one character then readers will be unconscious about the roles of other characters.

This interest attracts the attention of readers towards narrative essays. Reading narrative essays is a good source for relaxation of mind.

How Can You Start to Write a Narrative Essay?

At the first time, writers of narrative essays find it difficult to start the essay which has the entire look of like a story. The writer becomes confused because he is unable to explain the roles of characters. If someone wants to write a narrative essay he should follow the rules which are discussed below:

  • The first step is to select an effective and good topic which has a description by making a story on it. After selecting the topic, the first thing is to show a little glimpse of background on readers.
  • Then the writer should introduce his feelings about the person, place or anything else about which he wants to write. He has to tell me how his meeting with new people affects him? What was the behavior of new people with him? What did he like or dislike about their manners? Briefly speaking he should give the introduction of all characters in the first paragraph.
  • Then the writer should explain the roles of characters briefly with whom he met. Their manners or bad manners, experiences or lack of experiences, ethics or ignorance, everything should be discussed. At this, the writer should make almost 3 to 4 paragraphs. If the writer wants to explain the place, then he should write the place name, where it has been situated? Or he should tell about the beauty or ugliness of the scenes in that place.
  • At last, the writer should give the ending lines by winding up the essay. He must make a strong conclusion by making its readers happy or sad according to the situation or theme.                       

Examples of Narrative Essays

A birthday party that was wonderful

Our family trip

A visit to a hill station

Farewell party

3- Argumentative Essays

“The essays, in which the writer has to give the arguments either good or bad on a specific topic, are called argumentative essays”. These essays generally include the social issues and environmental gains or losses. Such topics are debatable, that’s why they fall in the categories of argumentative essays. In these essays, arguments of people about a selected topic are different. The arguments may be good or bad, it only depends upon the people’s thinking.

The first paragraph consists of the topic of argument, which means that topic which can be described only with arguments. The next paragraph should consist of your point of view about the topic by giving strong evidence. You have to give the reason why you are favoring this topic for discussion. Also, you have to give the arguments of other people. And at last by winding up the essay, you have to attract the attention of people towards your selected topic by telling them the advantages of the topic.

As in these essays, different arguments or views are seen. In this way, people have a chance to get different ideas. This difference in point of views attracts the attention of people towards argumentative essays. These are quite different from personal and narrative essays. Personal essays consist of only the writer’s personal feelings. Narrative essays consist of a maximum of 7 to 8 persons but in argumentative essays, the whole society is discussed. So it has great ratings.

How Can You Start to Write an Argumentative Essay?

The following steps can prove helpful to write an argumentative essay.

  • The first step is to choose an argumentative topic.
  • Then you should give your arguments on the right of the selected topic. You should tell readers the reason for the selection of topic. You have to give strong evidence in the favor of your selection. Then you have to give the good arguments of the selected topic and then the evil arguments. You have to make at least 3 to 4 paragraphs on it.
  • In the next paragraph, arguments of people should be discussed.
  • By closing the essay, you have to attract the attention of readers towards your claim again so that it can become a supportive effect on your essay.

Examples of Argumentative Essays

Is science a curse or blessing?


The value of computers

The world of internet

Benefits of Knowing The Types of Essays

There are many benefits of knowing the types of essays which are discussed below:

>To see the topic of an essay, a person can easily understand the type of essay.

>If a person knows about the types of essays, then he can easily write the essay without finding any difficulty.

>It helps a person to be efficient in essay writing.

>If a person knows the types of essays, then it means that he knows what the theme, body figure and style he has to adopt in the essay.


Essay writing is the best skill to be better at in the English language. The more you write the more it is beneficial. Writing also makes a man physically and mentally active. Knowing the types of essay writing is the best way to be a best and efficient writer. So, essay writing has great ratings these days. Hope so, it will rank up in the near future.

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