Do you know about Cybercrime?

Today’s period is science and technology. The Internet is so built into our lives that it has become a part of everything around us. The Internet is a blessing in peace and curse in war. Today everything has become modern by getting knowledge of science. The Internet has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Where modern technologies have made our lives comfortable at the same time they are pushing us towards the verge of destruction. While discussing its disadvantages we can never forget the word “CYBERCRIME”.

What Is Cybercrime? 

The unwanted misuse of the internet is called cybercrime. This crime is the base of all other crimes. Cybercrime basically involves the wrong use of computers. This crime is one of the most dangerous crimes. Computer itself is not dangerous but its misuse that we call “cybercrime” brings many dangers in society.

Causes Of Cybercrime

Cybercrime does not born itself rather there are some causes that are responsible for creation of this. These are the causes which have made cybercrime most common all around the world. Some causes of cybercrime are discussed below:

  • Those people that want to be rich instantly without any hard work make cybercrime as their helper. They want to get a huge amount of money so they find only cybercrime and consider this just one way to be rich. First they take personal information of any person and then start to black mail that person. They say to the person that they will share his personal information publicly. In this way he succeeds in catching a large amount of money from that person.
  • There are also some people who use cybercrime for their personal matters which is totally illegal. If there are some enemies of cyber criminals then instead of this they sort out the matters through peaceful talks, they start to tease their enemies through fake IDs and ask their enemies that they will share their personal information on the internet. So, enmity is also a cause of cybercrime.
  • Some people use cybercrime to hack someone’s data to know more about him and his data. Hacking is the most common form of cybercrime. Cyber criminals hack anyone’s personal information by using computers. It may be either for enjoyment or for some other purpose, we cannot know at all.

The above reasons are not enough to explain cybercrime but there are several reasons in explaining cybercrime.

Effects Of Cybercrime

Cybercrime has very disastrous effects on society some of them are following:

  • The generalization of black mailing
  • To be feared by every human being
  • Don’t trust anyone
  • Loss of confidence
  • Larceny
  • Financial issues
  • Less use of computers

Can We Control Cybercrime?

Where there is a creation, there must be a present and an ending. And bad things or bad habits should be excluded from the environment instead of their promotion. Because bad promotions can make our environment unsuitable for living. So, we can control cybercrime by developing well-mannered ways. There are some ways to control cybercrime:

1-Save your data in a separate file

2-Never share your personal information and matters with anyone

3-Try to use computer only for study purposes

4-Work hard to be rich 

5-Try to tackle with your enemies through peaceful talks

6- Try to understand someone instead of hacking his data

7-Say “NO” to cybercrime and show the right path to cyber criminals.

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