5 Power Saving Devices To Reduce Electric Consumption

Sometimes, we wonder by knowing the advancement of technology that is
happening all over the world. Mostly, technology is based on electricity
production. Technology and electricity are going hand to hand. But with the
expansion of technology, electricity is being used a lot. On the other hand, there
is not much advancement in the production of electricity. If this condition remains
the same, it will prove harmful. And maybe in the next few years we will face a
shortage of electricity. That’s why we have to make such devices that work by
using less electricity. Making such devices is really the progress of society.

What Are Power Saving Devices?

The devices which are made to reduce electricity consumption without producing
any disturbance in working performance are called power saving devices. One of
the most incredible advantages of these devices is that they intake less input and
give excess output. This is an important benefit of these devices. These devices
are so named because of their ability to save power for a long time. If such
devices are used in technological productions then they will give two benefits at a
time. We should try to make and use power saving devices.

Why Are Power Saving Devices Used?

These devices are used so that we don’t face power shortages. Such devices have
the ability to store energy and then use the storing energy at an appropriate time.
So they are used to lessen the usage of electric power?

Which Are Power Saving Devices?

Some power saving devices are discussed below:

 1-Energy Saving Light Bulbs

We use lights at night to see things. Some light bulbs are too expensive and use a
lot of electric energy which then causes a lot of bill charges. They heat up quickly
and they go bad quickly. So, they do not prove beneficial to a large extent. While,
if we use an energy saving LED light bulb it will bring benefits to us. It is available
in a suitable amount and it lasts longer. This bulb is a very good energy saving

2-Solar Plates

Solar plates are the most important energy saving devices. We can connect any
system on solar like fans, lights, irons, refrigerators etc. Its benefit will be this by
connecting all these home appliances on solar, these devices will use solar energy
not electric energy. So, electricity usage will be less.

 3-Electric Kettle

Electric kettle is a very useful energy or power saving device. It is best to be used
for cooking purposes. If we talk about the oven, the first thing is that it is very
expensive and not every person can afford this and second is it requires a lot of
electricity to boost up its performance. While, an electric kettle has an affordable
price and makes ready the eating item within a few minutes without using much
electricity. In this way, we do not have to face the bulky energy bills.

 4-Table Lamps

In the bedroom, drawing room, study room or child room we mostly use lighting
bulbs which consume a lot of electricity. Instead of them we should use small
table side lamps. These lamps help in reducing power consumption and are
considered as the best power saving device.


Stabilizer is the best power saving device. It reduces the high voltage value to a
low voltage value to that extent which the refrigerator needs. And it stables the
working of the refrigerator by adjusting the appropriate value of voltage.

Advantages Of Power Saving Devices

  • These devices are easy to use.
  • These devices reduce up to 35% to 40% electricity consumption.
  • These devices lessen the bill charges.
  • These devices store energy for a long time and are not perilous to appliances.
  • All of these devices are affordable

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